Schneider EVlink Parking

$5,846.50$11,041.80 Incl GST

Charging stations for home or private properties (indoors or outdoors)

The EVlink Wallbox is weatherproof and robust. It can therefore be used in tough environments: in homes and on private properties (condominium, corporate car park, hotel)



Extensive choice

Charging station offer

  • Compliant with power supply network: 220 – 240 V/380 – 415 V
  • 7.4 kW or 22.1 kW (32 A for 230/400 V) and settable from 6 A to 32 A
  • High robustness of socket outlet (Type 2 or Type 2 with shutters) thanks to silver-plated contact to avoid overheat
  • Multiple configurations: user identification, one or two sockets outlets, floor standing, or wall mounted


  • Ethernet communication with supervision system via GPRS modem Accessories offer
  • Cables, RFID badges, cable holder, modem, etc.

Spare parts offer

  • Floor base, wall base, socket outlet, caps, flap, etc.

Services offer

  • Worldwide network of certified installers providing on-site installation, on-site commissioning, maintenance plan, on-demand repair, and asset management contracts
  • Worldwide customer care center
  • QR code app registration for easy installation tracking.

Optimised architecture

  • Stand-alone or clustered architecture
  • Connected or not to a supervision (through OCPP 1.5 communication protocole)
  • Electrical protection devices in external cabinet or in the parking station floor base

Easy installation

  • Only one person required to carry and to handle
  • Technical documentation for: installation, commissioning, and diagnostic in product packaging and web site

Enhanced features

Benefit from advanced features and configure your charging station
thanks to the EVlink embedded web server.

  • Adapt the charging station power demand to your electrical distribution:
    – Configure load management per socket outlet or for the charging station
    – Set automated load balancing between socket outlets for dual charging stations
    – Set other related energy management features: load shedding, circuit breaker status, and postponed charge
  • Select the relevant power-metering solution:
    – With current transformers already included in the cabinet
    – With additional power meters for higher metering precision, MID-compliant or not
  • Adapt the charging station to your application:
    – Activate or deactivate RFID badge reader
    – Configure user privileges through RFID badge: VIP, administrators, regular users
    – Select to allow the cable to remain permanently plugged in the charging station
    – Configure IP address and network parameters
    – Visualise charge detail record (30 history)

Diagnosis and maintenance

  • Perform diagnosis thanks to charging station front face LEDs or through the embedded web server
  • Restore factory default settings without a computer
  • Upgrade the charging station with the latest firmware and benefit from additional feature

Supervision capability

  • Operate and maintain your charging infrastructure:
    – Connect to third-party supervision through OCPP 1.5 protocol
    – Connect to local management system, such as Building Management System, through modbus TCP/IP

Power supply network

  • Earthing system: TT, TN, or IT
    – IT: May require the addition of an isolating transformer for charging of certain vehicles
  • Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Socket outlet supply circuit (1 circuit per socket outlet):
    – 220/240 V 1P+N or
    – 380/415 V 3P+N
  • Control circuit voltage (for charging station):
    – 220/240 V 1P+N

Charging modes

  • Mode 3 with T2 socket outlet (with or without shutter)
  • Communication between charging station and vehicle via charging cable as per IEC 61851

RFID reader

Used to unlock socket outlet flap when valid RFID badge is detected.

  • 13.56 MHz RFID reader, for badges complying with standards
    – ISO/IEC 14443 A & B, ISO/IEC 15693
    – Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Classic, Calypso Other standards, please contact us
  • 10 badges provided with each RFID-type charging station

Mechanical and environmental

  • Painted steel body, anti-corrosion treatment
  • Protection: IP54 (IEC 60529), IK10 (IEC 62262)
  • Operating temperature: -25 °C to +40 °C for Mode 2/Mode 3 charging station
  • Operating temperature: -25 °C to +50 °C for Mode 3 only charging station

IT network connection

  • TCP/IP
  • FTP, SMTP, or HTTP data retrieval
  • Operations:
    – Remote user authentication
    – Retrieve data for charging data record
    – Charging station status monitoring
    – Get remote commands


  • CE and CB scheme (IEC 61851-1 and IEC 61851-22 standards)
  • EV and ZE ready
  • EAC


  • 24 months for the entire EVlink range

Additional information


Floor Standing, Wall Mounted


7.4kW, 22.1kW


1x Socket T2, 2x Socket T2


None, RFID

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