Workplace charging solutions

Make clean tech a part of your company culture

Bring electric vehicle charging to your workplace.

Offer electric vehicle charging stations at your workplace and show your organization’s leadership in supporting innovation and sustainable development. Provide a valued service to EV-driving employees and encourage others to switch to clean transportation.

Achieve your organisation’s goals

Offering EV charging at your workplace has many benefits:

  • Attract talent and increase employee satisfaction
  • Enhance your corporate sustainability practices
  • Position your organization as innovative and cutting-edge

  • Support EV adoption among employees

A Superior Experience for Your Employees, Hassle-Free for You

As an employer, you want your employees to benefit from a premium, user-friendly service.

  • Employees have convenient charging access via RFID card or mobile application
  • All stations are monitored in real-time for guaranteed reliability and total peace of mind for you

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