Public charging solutions

Attract customers. Help your business to thrive.

Drive profits with EV charging stations for retail and restaurants.

Position your business as an EV-friendly destination by providing electric vehicle charging stations. Ensure visitors become loyal customers by delivering a superior shopping or dining experience whilst their vehicle is charged. Show that you are a forward-thinking business that cares about sustainable development.

Future-proof your business

Offering EV charging has many benefits for business owners:

  • Attract customers and build brand loyalty
  • Stand out from your competitors with a superior service
  • Position your business as eco-friendly and forward thinking
  • Deliver a better customer experience

A Superior experience for your customers, Hassle-free for you

Our seamless services make the process easy for you and your customers.

  • Fast and secure payment and authentication via RFID card or by utilising a mobile application
  • All stations are monitored in real-time for guaranteed reliability and total peace of mind for you

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