Apartment charging colutions

Increase your property value with premium amenities

Future-proof your building with smart EV charging solutions for apartments.

Provide an essential service to EV-driving residents by offering charging services in your apartment building’s parking lot. Ensure you comply with up and coming government regulations and assist in accommodating growing demand for EV charging in residential areas.

Attract affluent tenants and buyers

Installing EV charging solutions in your building carries many benefits:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Modernize and future-proof your building
  • Attract eco-conscious buyers and tenants
  • Complement other sustainable building practices

Keeping costs to a minimum

Our solutions are customisable and offer exclusive energy management features.

  • Easily add additional charging stations as demand grows without expensive upgrades
  • Limit peak demand surcharges
  • Customisable solutions for every layout scenario

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