We Keep The Installation Experience Simple

What Does A Charging Station Consist Of?

Your charging station generally consists of a charging box with the control unit mounted to the wall, or on a tripod if desired. Charging stations come with a fixed cable, and a connector suited to your electric car. We also stock a range of adapters which allow you to charge different types of electric cars, if you have several different models in your household.

How Do I Order My Charging Station?

If you are purchasing a new car, ask the dealership to book an install with us direct. We will liaise with the dealership, taking the worry and stress away from you. In most cases our products and installation can be bundled in with your vehicle finance. This means no upfront, out of pocket expenses.

If you already own an electric vehicle and are considering a charging solution, contact us direct for a free quote. We can even arrange finance to cover the charging station and installation.

Are There Further Considerations I Should Be Aware Of?

Our all inclusive prices for standard installations apply to around 80% of our customers. There are however factors which may increase the cost of installation. These include, but are not limited to:

  • How far the parking lot is from the fuse box
  • Whether wall openings or excavation work is required
  • If an additional stand is required to mount the charging station as opposed to wall mounting
  • Whether there is already a cable that can be utilised, instead of having to lay a new cable

Equally important are the electrical security elements. Every charging station for electric cars must have its own circuit, which is protected by a circuit breaker and a residual current device. For some charging stations, the residual current circuit breaker is already integrated, which can considerably reduce installation costs.

Rest assured, should any additional works be required we will consult with you prior to commencing the installation. Fear not, we are not in the business of charging exorbitant rates for works which fall outside the scope of the standard installation.

You can take a closer look at our standard residential installation package and whats included by clicking here.

Additional Thoughts

We recommend making the installation “sustainable”. If a new cable needs to be laid it is worth considering a cable capable of feeding a 22 kW installation , even if you do not need it yet. This will save you some extra costs in a few years if you want to charge an electric car with a faster charging station.

Our team of highly skilled electricians have more than five decades of experience combined, in both residential and commercial environments. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and presentation, and will always leave your premises as we found it.