Hardware & Software

Chargers Direct supplies a broad range of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) from national and international industry-leading manufacturers. Covering Residential AC Charging Stations and Cables through to Ultra-Rapid Fast Charging DC (350 kW+) charging stations, Chargers Direct will tailor a hardware solution for any requirement.

We supply several software options for all OCPP compliant charging stations covering the integration of Residential Solar to EV and Home Battery, Building Management Systems, Home Automation, and Pay Per Charge. Following the installation of the charging solution, our software packages are explicitly configured to that installation and our client’s requirements.

Our hardware and software partners include:


ABB offers a total EV charging solution from compact, high-quality AC wallboxes reliable DC fast-charging stations with robust connectivity to innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems; They deploy infrastructure that meets the needs of the next generation of more intelligent mobility.


Founded in 1997, Spanish company Circontrol is one of the longest standing eMobility charging station manufacturers. They carry a full suite of AC and DC charging stations.


With over 40 years of expertise in power technologies and energy management, the Delta EVCS business unit is dedicated to enabling tomorrow’s e-Mobility with more innovative and greener EV charging infrastructure solutions.

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Everty is a technology (software) company in the e-mobility sector. They provide a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for companies installing and operating Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. This enables remote monitoring, management and monetisation of charging stations.


EVOS helps you create your own private EV charging parks for your EV fleet. Their charging systems are designed using cutting-edge technology to be safe, reliable and easy to repair while offering a superior charging experience. Their products are rigorously tested, rugged and built to withstand the heavy demands of fleet use.


Since 2017, FIMER has developed and manufactured charging solutions for electric vehicles. They do so by listening to the needs of future generations of vehicles.
They have a complete line of platforms, both in DC and in AC, designed to meet the diverse needs of users seeking solutions for private, public and commercial use.


Manufacturers of a market-leading range of energy control products boasting British design, compliance and cutting-edge eco-technology, including the Zappi (EV Charger), the Eddi (Solar power diverter) and the Harvi (Energy harvesting sensor).
The myenergi ecosystem gives you control of your generated green energy, creating the ultimate eco-smart home allowing you to divert surplus power from your solar panels to water heating, space heating, a battery or your Electric Vehicle.


Schneider EVlink electric car charging stations are easy to use, tough, intelligent and universal. They are suitable for daily use and compatible with most electric vehicles for residential, commercial or public parking areas. You will find the charging infrastructure that suits you whether you are a private user or a professional.