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Specialists in Public, Commercial and Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions.

We deliver end-to-end sustainable charging solutions on time and within budget.

Three-year installation guarantee
Competitive pricing
Quality workmanship

Chargers Direct is Australia’s premier importer, supplier, and installer of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in public, commercial and residential spaces.

You probably already know a lot about the advantages of electric vehicles for the environment, but you still need to fit driving an electric car into your daily routine.


When it comes to keeping your electric vehicle charged and ready for the road, you can rely on the experts at Chargers Direct to supply and install a charging solution to suit your car, budget, and lifestyle.

EV Charging
Our charging solutions are compatible with all major brands
Electric Vehicle Desitnation Charging

Why Chargers Direct?

We guide you through the process of installing a charging solution at your premises. If you purchase a new car, ask the dealership to book an installation with us directly. We will liaise with the dealership, taking the worry and stress away. In most cases, our products and services can be bundled in with your vehicle finance. This means no upfront out-of-pocket expenses.

Chargers Direct customers can rest assured that a full three-year guarantee covers all workmanship. Also, should a fault occur with a product still covered under the manufacturer warranty (not workmanship related), we will replace it straight away and follow up with the manufacturer behind the scenes. This way, you are never left without a way of charging your electric vehicle.

Our national network of qualified installation partners are trained on cutting-edge electric vehicle products and invested in the promotion, installation, and maintenance of them throughout Australia. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, and our Chargers Direct Accredited Installers all carry that value as well. We guarantee to leave your premises as we found it.

All Chargers Direct customers enjoy comprehensive after-sales support for their products. We walk our customers through the functions of their new charger in an easy-to-understand manner.

A Guide to EV Charging

Before committing to a charging solution, it is best to consider the following four points: mains connection, charging station, charging cable and electric vehicle – which must be observed if you are aiming for the shortest possible charging times.

If just one of these four factors is rated at a lower capacity than the rest, the charging time of your electric vehicle will increase according to the weakest link in the charging chain.

Cityscape electric vehicle

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